About Muvment Lighting

Muvment Lighting has been providing lighting solutions since 1995 and lit up locations in Washington, Canada, California, Nevada, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennslyvania, Louisiana, Montana, among many others locations.

We have created events and festivals, motorcycle rallies and cultural fests, raves and auctions, clubs and theaters, and even architectural structures. When creative and new solutions are required, Muvment Lighting is the answer.


Muvment Lighting provides services in Lighting Design, Installation, and Production.

Live Music

We are well experienced in musical events of all sizes and styles, both indoor and outdoor. Whether you require an environmental facelift to a basement, or a full scale outdoor festival, Muvment Lighting is well prepared and capable of meeting your needs and visions.


We are experienced in developing corporate events, from auctions, to cultural festivals, and are happy to discuss whether Muvment Lighting might be the solution you are looking for.